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The Complete Martial Artist Package

by Willie "The Bam" Johnson

Get Fit. Get Motivated. Get Inspired.

Willie “The Bam” Johnson is an inspiration. His journey was fraught with challenges, and yet he overcame them all to become a seven-time World Champion through his dedication, discipline, devotion, and faith.

Now you can witness his journey through this special Complete Martial Artist package, exclusively from us. Get his book, his compelling documentary and an exclusive extra video he produced during the pandemic.

A Champion Leader, A Leading Champion

Today, Master Johnson is a role model as an outstanding community leader as well as a successful coach having produced more World Champions in a single year than any other.

Kids are Our Future and Many are in Trouble

The Bam has dedicated himself to the future of our kids as a teacher and example of how to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. If you have kids or work with kids, you must experience Johnson’s invaluable approach to life and coaching.

Inspiring ‘At Risk’ Youth

Through experiencing Johnson’s trials and tribulations, your kids can avoid many of the potential downfalls that he survived.  Johnson tells his story in his own words, sharing his rebirth from bullying, poverty, and physical, sexual, and mental abuse.

The Bam’s Ghetto Childhood and Downfall

Rampant crime and drugs engulfed his community in Baltimore when he was growing up in the ‘60s. Johnson fell into using and dealing drugs, which eventually landed him in jail in an all-too-familiar tragedy repeated endlessly in black communities around the world.

So many of our kids face these same challenges today.

Bruce Lee as a Role Model

From childhood, Johnson was inspired by Bruce Lee, who also overcame racism and oppression. His adoration led him to embrace Kung Fu, which put him on path of righteousness and ultimately saved his life.

The Bam’s Redemption Through the Martial Arts

The Bam rose to become a martial arts legend in the 70s and 80s, amassing a hard-fought record of championship title wins. He reveals his winning methods directly to you and your kids through his books and videos.

Producing Personal Greatness

Now you can learn The Bam’s unique urban approach of producing personal greatness from the inside-out through Martial Arts. His method has made him the ambassador of truth from the underground to the mainstream.

As one of the world's leading instructors, the Bam shares first-hand knowledge of innovative and positive experiences, and structures them into curriculum that provides solutions to struggling communities. His curriculum has been taught in colleges, schools, law enforcement agencies, and many other professional organizations. 

Recognizing What Kids Need Now

Working with those who society has counted out and labeled as under-privileged is truly dear to Johnson’s heart. He sees himself in each of these individuals and strives to help them through his "Stronger Than Drugs Foundation" through which he has spoken all over the world on different topics.

The Bam regularly goes back to Baltimore and helps to rebuild the same community he harmed in his misguided youth. He returns to McKims Community Center, the place that helped save his life.

Join Us on an Incredible Journey of Redemption

Now you can follow in Willie “The Bam” Johnson’s footsteps. He’s a man who lives by example and shares how he overcame his obstacles and found redemption through living the martial way.

The Bam’s inspirational advice is helpful for kids, young adults, parents, and teachers, as this generation navigates mental health issues like anxiety, chronic fears, and depression like never before. You will learn how to cope with bullies, avoid a life of drugs and crime, and achieve full potential.

You and Your Kids Can Learn From the Bam

Now you can learn from the champion himself. In his revealing book, The Complete Martial Artist: Developing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of a Champion, the Bam tells you how to create your own championship attitude and start on the path of success like he did.

Accompanying this book is The BAM: The Willie Johnson Story, an engaging documentary that illustrates the hurdles that the Bam’s faced when growing up through archival footage and personal interviews.  

Exclusive New Video! Fresh From The Bam!

On top of that is a new video, written, produced, directed, and starring the Bam, made during the unprecedented global crisis of the pandemic to uplift and motivate you to a higher calling.


The Complete Martial Artist Package includes:

The Complete Martial Artist: Developing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of a Champion by Willie "The Bam" Johnson. A groundbreaking work that guides practitioners to self-mastery and empowers youths.


In today's fast paced world, young adults are subject to chronic fears of missing out, mental health issues, anxiety, and depression unlike any generation that has come before. The martial arts have the potential to help. Traditional martial arts revolve around principles and core values such as honor, integrity, perseverance, patience, humility, and respect. Each manifesting in self-expression and creativity to promote individual growth and a balanced approach to living.

A complete martial artist learns how to conquer "self" through martial arts training and how to live by these traditional core values. Although there are occasions when martial arts may be used for self-defense, its primary uses are for sport, character, and spiritual fulfillment.

The author shares

  • His own childhood story of hardship and redemption
  • How to adopt martial arts values as a way of living
  • Important universal principles to live by
  • On creating a championship attitude
  • Examples about martial arts forms (kata) and sparring
  • How to get started and be successful in your personal martial arts journey

This book, The Complete Martial Artist, offers kids, young adults, parents, and twenty-somethings an opportunity to see what martial arts can do for their lives.

The BAM: The Willie Johnson Story – (2021 - 1 hour 26 min) A penetrating documentary directed by Robert Parham captures Johnson's inspirational life story through interviews and historic footage.


The Complete Martial Artist (2021 - 1 hour 36 min) Written, produced and directed by Johnson himself during the pandemic, this video offers wisdom and insight in a fun, whimsical way showcasing his own family.

A Message From Willie "The Bam" Johnson

"It's not about the trophy, medal or money. It's about the self-mastery from within. It's the only thing that defines the real winner in you. It's you against you in a state of serene peace as you come face to face with the true you in every calisthenic challenge along the way. Fear is your friend, quitting is not an option, fatigue is nothing but motivation and obstacles are merely stepping stones. The victory is yours and only yours, because you stay true to you. Pushing on past all things negative, fighting to turn all past defeats into today's successes. This win is bigger than defeating them."

Also includes one free online class with Willie BAM Johnson with purchase. (See "The Bam Free Class" PDF included with the purchase)

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2x Digital eBooks
1x DVD
1x Streaming Video


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About the Author(s)

Willie "The Bam" Johnson

Willie “The Bam” Johnson, is an award-winning martial arts teacher whose life mission is to help young adults and others become empowered, through the martials arts in order to make good life choices. He is a seven-time sport karate and kung fu world champion, a two-time All-American champion, and a nationally ranked Triple Crown martial arts champion. He teaches at The Bams Martial Arts Academy. Willie H. Johnson resides in Laurel Maryland. He can be contacted at … More »

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