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Send an Ebook or Streaming Video as a Gift

You can send an ebook or streaming video as a digital gift to someone else. This gift is delivered immediately once you complete the order process, and will be available for them to enjoy at anytime and anywhere.

The ebooks can be downloaded to any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Streaming videos requires a connection to internet to watch them—just like Netflix requires an internet connection to watch.

When sending the digital gift, we include your name, your email address, and your personalised message to the recipient.

How to Send a Digital Gift

  1. Make sure you are not logged into your account. This is important: if you are logged in, please log out first.
  2. Add ONLY ebooks or streaming videos to the cart. DO NOT include any physical items (like books, DVDs, music CD, tai chi balls, training gear,...) to the cart. Any item on the cart that needs to be physically shipped will disable the ability to send a digital gift.
  3. During checkout, if your cart only contains digital items (ebook or streaming video), you will be presented with the option to send the order as a digital gift.

  4. Click on the checkbox "Yes, I want to send ebook(s)/streaming video(s) to someone else as a digital gift." This will open the Digital Gift Option form.
  5. Fill in all the fields in the Digital Gift Option.

  6. On the "Account Information" section below, fill in the "Gift Recipient E-mail" field. We will send the digital gifts to this email address. We will also send you a copy (CC:) of this gift email message.

And that is it.

For help about downloading ebooks, take a look at the ebook information page.

For questions about watching streaming video, take a look at this streaming information page.