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DVDs List

by Rory Miller
In Training for Sudden Violence, Miller gives you the tools to prepare and prevail. 2-DVD set. Book also available.
D3938 -
July 1, 2016
by Jeff Burger
Sharpen your self-defense reflexes and learn split-second counterattacks with Coach Jeff Burger.
D3952 -
June 1, 2016
by Rory Miller
Develop your close-range combat reflexes with Rory Miller. This training can and should be incorporated into all fighting styles.
D2887 -
April 1, 2015
by Rory Miller, Lawrence A. Kane
Learn about your full range of options during a violent encounter, from skillfully doing nothing to applying deadly force, and the legal consequences.
D2931 -
January 1, 2015
by Rory Miller
In this video, Rory Miller makes the case that the problem is not with the locks themselves, but with our teaching methods. A principles-based...
D2627 -
November 1, 2013
by Rory Miller
Rory Miller bridges the gap between the study of traditional self-defense and the reality of the most common types of violent attacks in this...
D2351 -
May 1, 2013
by Rory Miller
Our very best in self-defense. Rory Miller explores seven areas of self-defense training for the most common types of street violence, so you will...
D2283 -
May 1, 2012
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
These defense techniques can significantly help you avoid knife injuries when you are attacked outside of a training context.
D1156 -
August 1, 2011