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Understanding Qigong DVD 1—What is Qigong? & The Human Qi Circulatory System

by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Dr. Yang presents a clear and fascinating scientific explanation of his Qigong theory, and offers simple Qigong exercises for you to begin experiencing your Qi (energy).


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Release date: 
September 1, 2006
Number of discs: 
Run time: 264 min
Narration: English
Subtitles/Menu: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Skill Level: 1 2 3

The Chinese word Qigong (chee • kung) means 'energy work'. Qigong is the ancient art of using the mind to naturally develop the body's Qi (energy) for improved health and longevity. Some Qigong is practiced sitting or standing still, while other Qigong can be a kind of moving meditation.

As millions of people worldwide are turning to Chinese medicine and healing practices such as Qigong and Tai Chi, it is important to understand what Qigong is and how it works. In these two video courses, renowned Qigong expert and author Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming explains the concepts of Qigong and the human energetic circulatory system. Dr. Yang's systematic approach to teaching offers deep insight into the subject of Qigong with modern scientific data to support his theory from both an Eastern and Western perspective.

Drawing on his 35 years of training in Qigong and his Western scientific background in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Yang presents a clear and fascinating explanation of his Qigong theory, and offers a simple Qigong exercise for students to begin experiencing their Qi. This program is a must for Qigong practitioners, acupuncturists, energy healers, and anyone interested in understanding exactly how and why Qigong works.

If you’ve never attended a Qigong seminar with Dr. Yang, here’s a home version you won’t want to miss!

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