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Our bestselling DVDs.

by Chenhan Yang
$29.95 $14.97
Learn Baguazhang Step by Step with Master Chenhan. Bagua zhang translates to “eight trigrams palm”. The Swimming Body form is essential fundamental...
by Lee Holden
$29.95 $14.97
Follow along with one month of seven-minute qi gong workout videos by Lee Holden to develop your self-discipline and give you endless energy.
by Helen Liang
$29.95 $14.97
Water style is the next step in your internal-arts journey. Like tai chi, Water style is a popular internal martial art known for centuries to...
by Helen Liang
$29.95 $14.97
The Beginner Tai Chi for Health video lesson was developed especially for beginners, using a mirror-view workout that allows you to follow along with...


Our bestselling books.

True Wellness The Mind cover
Catherine Kurosu, MD, L.Ac., Dr. Aihan Kuhn
$15.95 $7.97
True Wellness: The Mind is a step-by-step guide to optimal mental health, blending the best of Western and Eastern medical traditions to address...
Krav Maga Combatives: Maximum Effect cover
David Kahn
$24.95 $12.47
This book is designed for krav maga trainees, security-conscious civilians, law enforcement officers, security professionals, and military personnel...
The Juji Gatame Encyclopedia cover
Steve Scott
$34.95 $17.47
Juji gatame is the pinnacle of armlocks. It remains the most consistently used joint lock in many grappling sports including judo, sambo, jujitsu,...
The Dao in Action
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
$16.95 $8.47
In this collection of fables, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming shares the stories that have influenced him most as a martial artist and lifelong student of the...


by Rory Miller
$78.90 $39.45
Training Drills to Prepare for the Worst. The speed and brutality of a predatory attack can shock even an experienced martial artist. The sudden...
Tai Chi Sword Bundle
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
$66.90 $33.45
Tai chi chuan is a kind of moving meditation with ancient roots in Chinese martial arts. Beyond the bare-hand tai chi form awaits the elegant and...
Yang Tai Chi Beginner Bundle
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
$54.90 $27.45
Tai Chi Chuan is a kind of moving meditation with ancient roots in Chinese martial arts. In this program, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches you the...
Tai Chi Fit Series
by David-Dorian Ross
$119.80 $59.90
Stay active with a new Tai Chi Fit workout every day. Collect the Tai Chi Fit DVD series from David-Dorian Ross. Includes all four DVDs, Tai Chi Fit...

Music CD

$15.50 $7.75
From Mainland China, this music is composed especially for use in Qigong meditation. Graceful weaving of plucked and hammered strings, flutes,...
$15.50 $7.75
A special collection helps you (the Taiji practitioner) to concentrate your mind and make Taiji movements coordinate with your breath. The music tone...
$15.50 $7.75
Celebrate the Chinese New Year with traditional gongs and drums music. Great for school demos.
$15.50 $7.75
Composer Wang, Jian-Ming was inspired by Yin / Yang theory and the thoughts of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu when he designed this CD to be a gentle brain...