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Dear Friends,

We know this is a difficult time for a lot of people and we hope that you are staying safe during this Coronavirus outbreak, while doing your very best to protect yourself and your loved ones.

We are making adjustments at this time to conduct business as ‘close to usual as possible.’ And so, we want you to know:

  • Our main office is located in central New Hampshire, with additional team members who work remotely in three US states and in Europe. We are fully experienced in working at a distance in order to serve you—as we have these past thirty-seven years.
  • Our many warehouse partners are following the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for employees and shipments.
  • Our learning programs on health and martial arts are accessible from numerous locations in the US and abroad, making health and martial arts instructional materials available to you wherever you may live.
  • Delivery transit times for orders placed at ymaa.com are on time. Our goal is to ensure that all orders are delivered with the speed and care that you are accustomed to from YMAA.

I would like to mention something about the importance of keeping healthy and continuing to build up strength in your immune system. It is important to continue your practice of tai chi, qigong, and meditation as often as you can. If possible, try to extend the time or increase your practice frequency.

Deep relaxation lowers stress = stronger immune system

We humans have survived for thousands of years by keeping our natural body systems healthy. YMAA remains committed to providing important instructional programs and training tools to help you live a healthy, balanced, and safe life.

Take care,

David Ripianzi
YMAA Publication Center