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Qigong for Women with Daisy Lee 3-disc

by Daisy Lee

Beginner-Friendly Qigong for Women

Qigong master Daisy Lee guides you through an easy series of healing qigong exercises for women. Qigong (energy cultivation) has been used for centuries to relieve stress, cultivate peace of mind, and improve health. These time-tested methods will rebalance your hormones and organ systems to help you to feel great.

Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong has helped thousands of women around the world to energize their immunity and vitality. Perfect for beginners and women at all stages of life, these follow-along routines are like a master class in your living room. The movements are simple to follow and can be done sitting or standing.

This 3-disc series includes:

  • Shaking and Cupping for Enhanced Immunity
  • Self-Massage to Release Stagnant Qi (energy)
  • Tibetan Vibrational Sound Healing
  • Anti-Aging Medical Qigong Series for Longevity
  • 16-Movement Lotus Rises Through the Water Form
  • Kwan Yin Closing Meditation and prayer
  • Daisy Lee Interview

Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong was created by Daisy Lee after years of study with several Qigong masters specializing in women’s health.  This medical qigong supports holistic self-care and healing of menstrual and hormonal imbalances, benign breast and uterine tumors/cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, emotional ups and downs, menopausal symptoms, memory loss, and numerous other women’s health issues. Revitalize your radiant health and positive energy using these empowering self-healing tools with Daisy Lee.

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Release date: 
December 25, 2020
Number of discs: 
Run time: 160 min
Average: 3.5 (19 votes)
Skill Level: 1 2 3

About the Author

Daisy Lee

Daisy Lee is certified as a Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Practitioner by the National Qigong Association of America, as well as being a past board member on the International Qigong Science Association in Beijing. She has studied and taught Qigong since the 1990s, inspiring people from all walks of life to take greater responsibility for their own health and well-being.