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Master Yang LIVE

Master Yang's latest videos are available to you now in this limited sale opportunity.

The Master Yang LIVE series of DVDs are extracted from his sold-out in-person seminars. Through this special series, you'll be able to to "meet" Master Yang in a more candid way than in his more formal instructional videos. These presentations capture his character and personality as he teaches to a select group of fortunate attendees. You'll experience his passion and humor just like you would have if you were there. It's like having a Dr. Yang seminar in your own home.

These videos reveal Master Yang's most recent teachings. You'll have a front row seat and experience him in the moment, teaching from the heart. You'll feel his authenticity as he reveals the wisdom within these venerated practices, just for you. In this 'Live' format, your engagement level will be higher than normal, and when you are engaged, your learning is better and more is retained.

Each of these programs are normally priced at $129.95, available to you now only in this special offer for $49.95 for a limited-time only. You also receive FREE streaming video access with your DVD (normally $119.98). This means you're saving nearly $200 on each program.


This Master Yang LIVE video offer will only be available for a limited time.

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by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
Delve deeply into tai chi chuan theory with insight from ancient Daoist tradition and modern science. This recent four-hour lesson is a rare front...
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
A deeper conversation about improving immunity. Modern science shows that qigong exercise is good medicine for maintaining health and promoting...