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  • Wooden swords.
  • Sabers.
  • Metal swords and sabers.
  • Sword cases.
  • Sai.
  • Tai chi balls.
  • Organic Cotton Sleep Mask: Shiburi Blue.
  • Blue Waves Lavender Eye Pillow.
  • Essential Oil: Top 6 Organic Plant Therapy Oils.


Coupon codes are used on the YMAA website to provide extra offers.

To use a coupon code, go to the checkout page. On the checkout page locate the coupon code field (as shown below).

Enter your coupon code and click "Add Coupon". After clicking "Add Coupon" you will see a message showing the successful application of the coupon code, and the offer applied to your cart.

Special Coupon Code Instructions: how to your streaming video offer from your DVD purchase.


Our products are marked with skill level labels. Please use them advisedly as they are not meant to enforce any rigid system. The labels are included for your information and as a guideline for the type of content you are likely to find in the product.

For example, If you are a beginner, you can with confidence use any product with a skill level 1. If you are an intermediate, you can with confidence use any product with a skill level of 1 or 2. If you are advanced, you can with confidence use any product with a skill level of 1, 2 or 3.

Skill Level: 1 2 2


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