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Use of YMAA Copyrighted Materials Policy

Updated: February 23, 2010

  1. Use of YMAA Copyrighted Materials. Unless otherwise noted, all materials on the YMAA.COM website are copyrighted by YMAA Publication Center, Inc. and or YOAA, Inc., henceforth referred as YMAA. The materials created, authored and/or prepared by YMAA are copyrighted in content, presentation, and intellectual or creative origin.

    YMAA provides two options for you (YMAA members, supporters or partners, website owner) to use these copyrighted materials: A) through a direct link to the copyrighted material (image, audio or video); B) and/or through embedding the complete and unadulterated content/code, for example, as embedding code to display videos.

    When displaying audio or videos on your website, they must be played and displayed in their original and full form. They cannot be edited nor modified. All branding integrity must be preserved and adding or overlaying additional branding without permission is prohibited.

    YMAA must be notified with the URL where the materials (image, audio, video or text) have been published on your website. Failure to do so may result in revocation of permissions.

  2. Reproductions and Commercial Usage. Reproduction and copying the materials on the site, in whole or in part, for the purposes of commercial distribution is prohibited, without written permission from YMAA. To obtain permission to reproduce materials for commercial purposes, please contact:

    David Ripianzi
    YMAA Publication Center, Inc.

    Please clearly state what you are asking the rights to reproduce are; where and when it will be displayed; and provide both the source URL (from and the destination URL (your website page). If we don't understand your request, it will cause delays.

  3. Required Credit Reference. Any use of YMAA materials on your site must include the following credit statement "With permission from YMAA.COM" and linked to "".

    YMAA must be acknowledged as the source of its materials, products, and technologies. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your rights.

  4. General Conditions. Use of YMAA copyrighted materials constitutes acceptance of these conditions.

    YMAA materials usage may not be used to constitute, state or imply the endorsement by YMAA, the YMAA Publication Center, Inc., YOAA, Inc., schools or any YMAA partner, YMAA employee of an individual, commercial product, process, organization, service or activity.

    Use of YMAA names and/or logos in publicity, promotion, or advertising is prohibited without prior written consent of YMAA.

    It is unlawful to falsely claim copyright or other rights in YMAA material.

    YMAA shall in no way be liable for any costs, expenses, claims or demands arising out of use of YMAA materials by a recipient or recipients.

    YMAA materials may not be used in an inappropriate manner. Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to: fundraising, personal biographies, sexual content, discriminatory, religious or political information. Inappropriate use also includes derogatory use of reproductions, authorship of derivative works and other transformations of the original work.

  5. YMAA reserves the right to deny a request, without cause, for any reason whatsoever.

Contact Information. If further permissions, information or assistance is needed, please contact:

David Ripianzi
YMAA Publication Center, Inc.
PO Box 480, Wolfeboro NH 03894, USA
Tel: 603 569-7988
Fax: 603 569-1889

YMAA Publication Center, Copyrighted Material Usage Policy Version 0.4a | February 23, 2010