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Tai Chi for Beginners Product Guide

This is the recommended order for your study and practice of tai chi chuan. It is not intended as a mandatory progression curriculum. For example:

  • If you are a beginner who is interested in traditional tai chi, start with either the long Yang-style 108 form, or the shorter, modernized 24-form.
  • If you are looking for a more holistic follow-along workout for health, with a shorter form, try Sunrise or Sunset Tai Chi.
  • If you have previous tai chi chuan experience, or are an intellectually-inclined beginner, choose The Root of Taijiquan or other items with more theory and investigation of the Taiji Classics, the poetry used to pass tai chi down from ancient times.

We hope this list is helpful. Your feedback is welcome (see comment box at bottom of page). Contact us anytime with questions about YMAA products.


Most people want to learn tai chi for their health, and to age gracefully. Tai Chi has been shown to have many health benefits, and can improve your vitality and longevity. There are many forms to shoose from, based on your personal preference.

Title Book DVD

1. Tai Chi for Beginners (DVD)
If you want to follow a traditional path of learning tai chi, this DVD has everything you need to learn the complete 108 Yang form, with step-by-step instruction by Master Yang. Five hours of incredible content, filmed in California at the YMAA Retreat Center.

not available Tai Chi for Beginners
2. Simplified Tai Chi with Applications (book and DVD sold separately)
This includes two of the most popular forms of modernized Tai Chi, the 24 form and 48 form, with detailed instruction, breathing instructions, martial applications, and the history of simplified Tai Chi.
Tai Chi Chuan: 24 & 48 Postures with Martial Applications Simplified Tai Chi Chuan with Applications
3. Sunrise Tai Chi (book and DVD sold separately)
Ramel Rones teaches mind/body exercises, qigong, stretching, meditation and a short Tai Chi form to awaken the senses, stimulate the mind, and fill your body and spirit with abundant energy.
Sunrise Tai Chi: Simplified Tai Chi for Health and Longevity Sunrise Tai Chi - Awaken, Heal, and Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
4. Sunset Tai Chi (book and DVD sold separately)
This program focuses on relaxation, with powerful mind/body exercises to recuperate from the stress of the day, calm down, and heal, with meditations and a short tai chi form.
Sunset Tai Chi - Relax and Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Sunset Tai Chi - Relax and Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
5. Tai Chi Qigong (book and DVD sold separately)
This traditional form prepares your body for great Tai Chi practice by loosening your joints, warming your muscles, stimulating your Qi (energy) flow, and sharpening your concentration. Qigong is the key to developing increased energy within Tai Chi.
Tai Chi Qigong by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming Tai Chi Qigong by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
6. Taijiquan, Classical Yang Style (book and DVD sold separately)
This demonstration-only program offers an overview of Classical Tai Chi, with a lecture on Tai Chi theory, and demonstrations of several aspects of traditional practice, such as the 13 Patterns, Qigong form, and the 108 form.
Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang Style, The Complete Form and Qigong Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang Style


Intermediate-level tai chi chuan involves study of Tai Chi theory and fighting strategies. The student progresses from form practice into partner practice of push hands, martial applications, and pondering of the Taiji Classics.

Title Book DVD

7. Tai Chi Secrets of Yang Style (book)
The majority of the Tai Chi principles found in this book were written directly by Yang, Ban-Hou, second generation lineage of the Yang family, a master well known for his deep understanding of theory and for the manifestation of martial power (Jin). Translated with commentary by Dr. Yang.

Tai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style: Chinese Classics, Translations, Commentary not available
8. Taiji Theory and Martial Power (book)
A comprehensive training plan for Jin (power) development which teaches the difference between true Jin (internal power) and Li (muscular power). Learn how to accumulate Qi and Jing in the Tai Chi postures, and about the essential role your mind plays in Tai Chi. Includes a special selection of Tai Chi poems, translated and with commentary by Dr. Yang.
Tai Chi Theory and Martial Power: Advanced Yang Style not available
9. Taijiquan, Martial Applications (book)
This book examines the fighting techniques of Tai Chi, including the martial applications for each movement of the form. The two-person fighting set, Tai Chi fighting tactics, Pushing Hands training, Chin Na, cavity strikes and takedowns hidden in the Tai Chi form are also discussed.
Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications: Advanced Yang Style not available
10. Taiji 37 Postures Martial Applications (DVD)
This video offers over 50 practical martial applications for each of the 37-postures of traditional Tai Chi. Once the viewer has a basic understanding of these universal principles, you may use them to devise further applications for every movement no matter which style of Tai Chi you practice.
not available Taiji 37-Postures Martial Applications
11. Tai Chi Pushing Hands (2 DVD)
Tai Chi Pushing Hands trains you to develop sensitive feeling known as Listening Jin, so you can sense your opponent's intention, neutralize their Jin (power), and then counterattack. Includes the routines commonly used in Push Hands tournaments.
DVD 1: Taiji Pushing Hands Courses 1 & 2
DVD 2: Taiji Pushing Hands Courses 3 & 4
not available Taiji Pushing Hands Courses
12. Tai Chi Symbol Sticking Hands (DVD)
Also known as Silk Reeling Jin in Chen style Taijiquan, the soft and flowing movements of Sticking Hands develop your body's connection, coordination, and whipping power. Learn to emit power whether stationary or moving. Solo and partner training.
not available Tai Chi Symbol - Yin/Yang Sticking Hands
13. Tai Chi Ball Qigong (book and 2 DVD)
Regular practice of these Taiji Ball Circling and Rotating exercises will develop extraordinary strength of your back and torso, and a stronger connection of the entire body. This traditional training is a type of moving meditation that builds essential Tai Chi principles into your body.
DVD 1: Taiji Ball Qigong 1
DVD 2: Taiji Ball Qigong 2
Tai Chi Ball Qigong Tai Chi Ball Qigong
14. The Tai Chi Book (book)
The Tai Chi Book is a detailed guide for students who've learned a Tai Chi form and want to know more. It also introduces beginners to the principles behind great Tai Chi, and answers common questions that all of us have.
The Tai Chi Book - Refining and Enjoying a Lifetime of Practice not available


Advanced tai chi quan involves an investigation into the original theories and intentions of the ancient masters, in order to inform your practice in the present. In the last seven centuries, many songs and poems have been composed about Taijiquan. These have played a major role in preserving the knowledge and wisdom of the masters, and are a must-read for a serious Tai Chi practitioner. Advanced Tai Chi also includes the study of weapons forms.

Title Book  DVD  
15. Tai Chi Fighting Set (DVD)
The fighting set is a sequence of 88 movements which teaches you how to apply the martial art of Tai Chi in a real-life fight. Solo and partner training is included, as well as images from a rare manuscript which originally passed down this form.
not available Taiji Fighting Set - 88 Posture, 2-Person Matching Set
16. Taiji Saber (DVD)
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and senior students demonstrate the traditional 32-posture Taiji Saber long form, with basic drills, qigong, and martial applications.
not available Taiji Saber, Classical Yang Style
17. Staff Fundamentals (DVD)
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches Staff fundamental training and partner matching practice. The techniques are compiled from Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu, offering uniquely comprehensive instruction of internal-style training.
not available Taiji & Shaolin Staff Fundamental Training
18. Taiji Wrestling (DVD)
Taijiquan Shuai Jiao (Tai Chi Wrestling) is a vital part of your Tai Chi practice. Dozens of applications are taught for the movements within Push Hands or the Yang-style form.
not available Taiji Wrestling - Advanced Takedown Techniques
19. Taiji Sword, Classical Yang Style (book and DVD sold separately)
"The ultimate or final goal of Taiji Sword training is to gain a deep understanding of yourself in order to lead a more enlightened life." Includes the complete 54-Posture Sword Form, Taiji Sword Qigong Set, Taiji Qigong Breathing, Fundamental Sword Techniques, 10 Partner Matching Drills, and 42 seldom taught sword-fighting applications.
Taiji Sword Classical Yang Style: The Complete Form, Qigong, and Applications Taiji Sword, Classical Yang Style
20. Taijiquan Theory of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming (book)
For the last twenty years, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming has translated many of these documents and according to him, he believes numerous are incomplete for reasons relating to: forgotten oral secrets, authors personal understandings narrowly focused and many documents are missing. Taijiquan Theory of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is an attempt to join together the various theories on Taijiquan in one complete text.
Taijiquan Theory of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming: The Root of Taijiquan   not available  

There are several other titles which can compliment your study of tai chi theory, including:

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