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Art and Science of Staff Fighting (8-hours) (Streaming)

by Joe Varady

NINE LEVELS, EASY TO EXPERT. The Art and Science of Staff Fighting video offers complete step by step instruction for the staff, with an emphasis on the dynamics of combat. The author draws on thirty years of martial experience, presenting the best of both Eastern and Western traditions.

Code: S8353Duration: 475 min

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The eight-hour Art and Science of Staff Fighting video course offers complete step by step instruction for the staff, with an emphasis on the dynamics of combat. The author draws on thirty years of martial experience, presenting the best of both Eastern and Western traditions.

Joe Varady lays out a comprehensive course of study in nine levels, from beginner to expert, guiding you through such fundamentals as stances, striking, blocking, and footwork. In advanced lessons, viewers learn disarming techniques, groundwork, and facing multiple opponents.

This video is not just for staff enthusiasts. Even those unfamiliar with martial arts can adapt these techniques, increasing their skill and confidence in defending themselves.

"Our environment is usually full of improvised weapons,” says Varady. “Staff fighting techniques can be effectively applied in a self-defense situation using a walking stick, coatrack, curtain rod, floor lamp, hockey stick, fallen tree branch, broom, mop, shovel, or rake.”

This video features:

  • Nine levels, progressing from easy to expert
  • Detailed step by step instructions, drills, fundamentals, and advanced techniques
  • A “nondenominational” approach to staff, utilizing the best of Eastern and Western arts
  • A comprehensive, methodical approach to building staff skills

If you are already a student of the staff, these lessons will augment your techniques, broaden your options, and offer foundational insights to other polearms such as the spear and halberd.

Whether you are an experienced staff fighter or a layman seeking practical techniques for self-defense, The Art and Science of Staff Fighting will help you develop the skills you need.


Staff Fighting - Short Preview 01:30

0.1 Introduction: System Overview 06:45

0.2 Training Equipment: The Staff 11:02

0.3 Bonus Lesson: Warm-up 04:35


Level 1: The Foundation 1.1 Fundamentals 09:09

1.2 Training Equipment: Target Board 13:34

1.3 Footwork 07:00

1.4 Defense 09:02

1.5 Figure Eights 05:44

1.6 Bonus Lesson: Linking the Figure 8s 03:02

1.7 The Level One Workout 09:22


Level 2: 2.1 Basic Middle Grip 09:10

2.2 Training Equipment: Target Stick 06:15

2.3 Combinations 07:30

2.4 Training Equipment: Pell 04:15

2.5 The Wall 03:57

2.6 Bonus Lesson: Kobudo Drills 07:27

2.7 The Level Two Workout 12:35


Level 3: Advanced Middle Grip 3.1 Striking Disarms 04:24

3.2 Double Striking 06:17

3.3 Hooking Disarms 06:55

3.4 Training Equipment: Striking Ball 09:12

3.5 Shushi’s Wall 05:49

3.6 Bonus Lesson: Advanced Kobudo 07:56

3.7 Level Three Workout 09:50


Level 4: Basic Extended Grip 4.1 Fundamentals 06:27

4.2 Figure Eights 04:27

4.3 Thrusting 03:13

4.4 Training Equipment: Thrust Board 03:13

4.5 Snap Strikes 05:07

4.6 Training Equipment: Horizontal Makiwara 07:51

4.7 Level Four Workout 09:51


Level 5: Advanced Extended Grip 5.1 Fencing with the Staff: Part 1 08:00

5.2 Fencing with the Staff: Part 2 03:04

5.3 Extended Grip Hooking Disarms 09:09

5.4 Training Equipment: Spinners 03:39

5.5 Parrying 06:04

5.6 Training Equipment: Fencing Dummy 03:15

5.7 Level Five Workout 08:42


Level 6: Combat with the Staff 6.1 The Moment of Truth 05:03

6.2 Training Equipment: Armor 07:30

6.3 Training Equipment: Padded Staff 07:24

6.4 Strategy and Tactics: Part 1 07:04

6.5 Strategy and Tactics: Part 2 07:50

6.6 Bonus Lesson: Fight Analysis 10:34

6.7 Level Six Workout 14:15


Level 7: Expert Training 7.1 Trick Guards: Part 1 06:54

7.2 Trick Guards: Part 2 08:49

7.3 Heel Tricks 03:17

7.4 Jabbing 05:03

7.5 More Hot Stuff 07:11

7.6 Long Range Tricks 07:07

7.7 Bonus Workout: Level 7 18:27


Level 8: Master Training 8.1 Close Combat 05:55

8.2 Groundwork 03:06

8.3 Multiple Opponents: Part 1 Strategy and Tactics 09:35

8.4 Multiple Opponents: Part 2 07:18

8.5 Unarmed Defense Against the Staff 04:09

8.6 Bonus Lesson: Mixed Weapons 07:50

8.7 Bonus Workout: Level 8 10:37


Level 9: The Way of the Spear 9.1 Intro to the Spear 02:46

9.2 Training Equipment: Padded Spears 05:53

9.3 Spear Fighting 08:59

9.4 Training Equipment: Rings and Hoops 04:56

9.5 Unarmed Defense Against a Spear 03:46

9.6 Throwing and Catching 06:07

9.7 Bonus Workout: Level 9 09:39


Conclusion 10.0 Final Lesson: Wrap-up 01:51

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