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Art and Science of Stick Fighting (7-hours) (Streaming)

by Joe Varady

The best of both Eastern and Western stick fighting techniques. The eight-hour Art and Science of Stick Fighting video offers complete step by step instruction, with an emphasis on the dynamics of combat. The author draws on thirty years of martial experience, with a comprehensive method of building stick fighting skills.

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he best of both Eastern and Western stick fighting techniques

The eight-hour Art and Science of Stick Fighting video offers complete step by step instruction, with an emphasis on the dynamics of combat. The author draws on thirty years of martial experience, with a comprehensive method of building stick fighting skills.

This unique approach applies to all styles of fighting with the short stick. Its curriculum is streamlined and divided into nine progressive stages of training allowing you to quickly and methodically learn and develop the skills needed for stick fighting.

The video begins with the fundamentals, upon which everything else relies: a stable stance, basic footwork, and an effective guard. From there you’ll learn striking and patterns with the aim of wielding a stick that has become an extension of your body. You’ll progress to advanced techniques such as combating short range weapons (knife), long range weapons (staff), and even techniques to use when your opponent is armed but you are not.

This video features:

Nine levels progressing from easy to expert
Detailed step by step instructions, drills, fundamentals, and advanced techniques
Distance sensing for long, middle, and close-range fighting
Universal stick fighting principles that apply to any martial art style
Instructions for building your own training tools
Stick Fighting Warm Up and Workouts

Whether you are just starting out, or have been practicing stick fighting for years, there is something for everyone in The Art and Science of Stick Fighting.


Introduction  Lesson 0.1 System Overview   4:08

Program objectives

Overview of Levels 1 to 9

Getting started

Lesson 0.2      Training Equipment: The Stick   8:10

Examining different sticks

Choosing a training stick

Lesson 0.3      Warm-up      8:19



Cardio: jumping rope


Level 1: The Foundation Lesson 1.1 Fundamentals   10:16



Guarding positions

Basic striking

Lesson 1.2     Striking Methods   7:11

Full strikes

Snap strikes

Double strikes

Lesson 1.3     Footwork    6:48




Floor patterns

Lesson 1.4     Twirling   5:35

Basic figure 8

Advanced figure 8 patterns

Snap and double strike figure 8s

Lesson 1.5     Power     3:46

Maximizing power generation

Lesson 1.6     Bonus Lesson: Double Stick Basics    6:58

Six parts of the drill

Partner work

Solo training              

 Lesson 1.7     Level One Workout   11:53


Targeting, distancing, and control



Bonus round: double stick basic drills

Cool down


Level 2: Long Range Defense  08:00

The outside game

Opening the door

Baiting and drawing

The rear guard defense

Lesson 2.2     Evasion   06:51





Evasion drill

Lesson 2.3     Long Range Offense  08:20

Targeting the edges

Long range combinations (X, Δ, 4, I, and J) 

 The snap strike set-up

Double strikes


Lesson 2.4     Training Equipment:   08:45

Target Stick and Striking Point

Target stick construction

Target stick usage

Striking point construction

Striking point usage

Lesson 2.5     The Long Range Battle Plan 08:00

Six count flower

Combining long range tactics

Lesson 2.6     Bonus Lesson: Double Stick 4-Count  07:49

Four-count twirling

Power on the heavy bag

Timing and accuracy with a partner

Snap striking

Double striking


Lesson 2.7     Level Two Workout  11:50


Accuracy and distancing

Partner drills


Bonus round: double stick 4-count

Cool down


Level 3: Crossing the Gap 04:30

Entering offensively

Six-count flower transition

Blitz attack     

Lesson 3.2     Programming  04:25


Leaping grasshopper

Lesson 3.3     Entering Defensively  05:57

Roof block

Upper cut

Smack down

Lesson 3.4     Bonus Lesson: Entering on the Off-side 03:21

Prepping for the backhand

Tip high

Tip low

Lesson 3.5     Bonus Lesson: Defending the Gap  03:12

Circling out

Circling in

Lesson 3.6     Bonus Lesson: Double Stick 6-Count  03:52

Six-count twirling

Heavy bag

Stationary sticks

Timing with a partner


Lesson 3.7     Level 3 Workout  08:23


Crossing the gap

Cool down


Level 4: Middle Range Offense  Lesson 4.1 Understanding Middle Range  05:47

Center, centerline, and the line of combat

Targeting at middle range

Basic middle range combinations

Lesson 4.2     Speed Striking: The Helicopter 08:44

S pattern

T combo

Lesson 4.3     Speed Striking: The Wave  06:37

U pattern

W pattern

Lesson 4.4     Training Equipment: Weighted Sticks  04:08

Tools for increasing your speed with the sticks

Lesson 4.5     The Middle Range Battle Plan 03:29

Combining middle range tactics to best effect

Lesson 4.6     Bonus Lesson: Double Six Variations 09:24

Heaven and Earth six

Overhead six

Combination six

14 count six

Lesson 4.7     Level Four Workout 15:03


The Middle Range Battle Plan 

Bag work

Strength training

Light sparring

Bonus Round: Double Sticks

Cool down


Level 5: Middle Range Defense  Lesson 5.1  Checking Hand 06:17

Checking the opponent’s weapon

Lesson 5.2     Blocking vs Parrying  13:05 


Static blocking

Dynamic blocking


Lesson 5.3     Middle Range Disarms: Lever & Hook 05:15



Lesson 5.4     Middle Range Disarms: Snake & Pop 03:58



Lesson 5.5     Tres-Tres  05:04

A blocking and striking flow drill

Lesson 5.6     Bonus Lesson: Double Stick Tres-Tres  03:37

Blocking and striking with two sticks

Lesson 5.7     Level 5 Workout 14:05


Cohesion drills 


Blocking and striking


Bonus Round: Double stick tres-tres

Cool down


Level 6: Close Range Infighting  06:11


Butt strikes

Lesson 6.2     Hubud-Lubud  05:52

A Filipino parrying drill

Lesson 6.3     Locks and Disarms 05:52

A-frame lock

Arm press



Lesson 6.4     Double End Grip  05:14

Cross check

Double end hooking disarms

Cross check and arm lock

Double leg reap

Lesson 6.5     Chokes   10:14

Fang choke

Cross choke

Neck hook

Compression dummies

Lesson 6.6     Bonus Lesson: Double Stick Hubud 06:28

Basic drill

A-frame arm lock

Straight arm bar

Lesson 6.7     Level Six Workout  20:02



Butt strikes




Cross checking 

Leg reap


Cool down


Level 7: Single Stick Sparring Lesson 7.1     The Moment of Truth: En Garde! 08:20

Safety Equipment




   Body Armor

Types of Matches

   Point Fighting

   Continuous Fighting

   House Rules

Lesson 7.2     Training Equipment: Padded Sticks  03:18

Padded training stick construction

Lesson 7.3     Strategy and Tactics   05:50

Controlling the fight

Know your opponent

Know yourself

The Three-Step Rule

Lesson 7.4     Secrets to Success  09:53


The Seven Principle Rules

The Grand Overall Strategy

Lesson 7.5     Fight Analysis 10:36

Breaking down a stick fight

Lesson 7.6     Bonus Lesson: Double Stick Sparring 06:03

Introduction to double stick fighting

Fight analysis

Lesson 7.7     Level Seven Workout  06:41


Distancing and control

Accuracy and timing

Speed and power

Cool down


Level 8: Short Stick vs. Other Weapons  Lesson 8.1  Stick vs. Knife  05:09

Defanging the snake

Forearm hook

Arm lock         

Lesson 8.2     Fight Analysis 09:04

Breaking down stick vs knife encounters

Lesson 8.3     Stick vs. Staff : Part 1   03:56

Strategy and tactics

Roof block

Two-handed block

Lesson 8.4     Stick vs. Staff : Part 2   10:42

Stick vs. Staff Disarms





Lesson 8.5     Fight Analysis  06:06

Breaking down stick vs staff encounters

Lesson 8.6     Stick vs. Unarmed Opponent  07:13

The Dissuader

Defense Against a Punch

Defense Against a Kick

Opponent Grabs Your Stick

Stick Wrestling

Lesson 8.7     Level Eight Workout  14:59


Distancing and control

Accuracy and timing

Speed and power

Cool down


Level 9: Empty Hand vs the Stick  07:50

Basic strategies and tactics

Lesson 9.2     Crossing the Gap: Part 1  05:51

The Arrow

Lesson 9.3     Crossing the Gap: Part 2   03:40

The Wall

Lesson 9.4     Evasion  05:07





Lesson 9.5     Improvised Armament  03:03



Lesson 9.6     Fight Analysis 05:11

Breaking down empty hand vs stick encounters

Lesson 9.7     Level Nine Workout  11:13


Distancing and control

Accuracy and timing

Speed and power

Cool down


Level 10: Closing Remarks   Conclusion  02:58

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