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Dan Tian Conditioning (Streaming)

by Nick Loffree

In this follow-along three-part lesson, Qigong Master Nick Loffree guides you to build the lower dān tián, a crucial step in qigong for health and longevity. The dān tián (丹田, or “elixir field”) is the center of vital energy and the main source of physical and spiritual power.

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In this three part series, Nick Loffree combines three comprehensive qigong routines to present a complete progressive training regimen. In this follow-along video lesson, you'll learn to build the lower dān tián, a crucial step in qigong for health and longevity. The dān tián (丹田, or “elixir field”) is understood to be the center of vital energy and the main source of physical and spiritual power. The lower dān tián, located in the center of gravity in your abdomen, is responsible for the storage, transformation, and circulation of energy throughout the body.

In the second lesson, we will circulate the energy from the dān tián to the hands using Buddha Palm Qigong for self healing. You will use your mind to lead the Qì to the Láogōng (P-8, 勞宮) cavity in the center of the palm and distribute Qì to the entire hand. This practice has also been commonly used to improve the Qì circulation in the six Qì channels, circulating to the tip of the fingers. This technique can also help prevent or treat peripheral neuropathy.

In the third lesson, we circulate the energy from the dān tián through the Microcosmic Orbit (also known as Small Circulation Qigong). Using this technique, one may develop the main energetic circulation pathway along the center line of the torso, which begins to provide abundant energy to the body. Once you have accomplished Small Circulation, the Qì circulating in the Twelve Primary Channels (Meridians) will be abundant and smooth, and the Qì can expand from the meridians outward to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, skin, and beyond.

Qigong Master Nick Loffree will guide you through:

Part 1 | Building The Lower Dān Tián / Dān Tián Qigong for Anxiety, Stress, & Healing


Part 2 - Healing Hands / Buddha Palm Qigong & Lower Dān Tián Inner Alchemy Nei Gong


Part 3 - Microcosmic Orbit Qigong / Lower Dān Tián & Taoist Inner Alchemy


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Nick Loffree is a Bioenergetic Health expert who came to his path through trial and error after several head traumas and being diagnosed with psychosis in 2008. He combined the contemporary psychiatric approach with his own efforts in meditation, yoga, nutrition, eastern medicine, biohacking, qigong, and many forms of fitness, martial arts, and movement modalities to uncover the keys to health and healing in himself. He was a dedicated top student and employee of Lee Holden for years and has been teaching qigong around the world since 2014.

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