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Evening Qigong for Sleep (Streaming)

by Nick Loffree

Get Ready for a Restful Night of Sleep. Do this 20 minute qigong routine and practice mindful stretching, movement and breath to release energy and relax deeply.

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Get Ready for a Restful Night in Under 20 Minutes

Practice mindful stretching, movement and breath to release energy and relax deeply. This qigong flow is designed specifically for helping those with insomnia and improving sleep quality. This brief routine uses gentle movements that help your body and mind calm down and prepare for a restful evening. It is recommended to practice in the early evening, or late afternoon, not too close to bedtime.

Standing by a beautiful mountain river, Qigong Master Nick Loffree guides you to release your excess energy and wind down in order to feel more relaxed and ready for a full night of sleep. Adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining optimal physical and mental health, as numerous medical studies consistently demonstrate that getting a full 8 hours of sleep enhances cognitive function, promotes immune system efficiency, and reduces the risk of various chronic conditions.

• Easy movements and stretches to release tension

• Peaceful meditations to set your intention to rest and relax

• Healing sounds to settle down into a calmer brainwave state

In addition to qigong exercise and meditation, insomnia sufferers are recommended to quit caffeine and sugar intake by noon. Preventing insomnia involves adopting healthy sleep habits and lifestyle choices to promote a restful and consistent sleep routine. Establishing a regular sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, even on weekends, helps regulate the body's internal clock. Creating a comfortable sleep environment, with a cool and dark room, comfortable mattress, and pillows, contributes to a conducive atmosphere for rest. Limiting exposure to screens, such as smartphones and computers, before bedtime is essential, as the blue light emitted can disrupt the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. As qigong practitioners are concerned with maintaining hormone balance (aka, "original essence"), it is known that you should be falling asleep by 10pm each night, so your body's midnight production of hormones melatonin and HGH (human growth hormone) is not disrupted.

Engaging in relaxing activities before bedtime, such as reading a book or practicing mindfulness techniques, can help calm the mind and prepare it for sleep. Incorporating regular physical activity like walking and this qigong into your routine can contribute to overall well-being and positively impact sleep quality. By prioritizing these preventive measures, individuals can significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing insomnia and promote a more consistent and rejuvenating sleep pattern.

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Nick Loffree is a Bioenergetic Health expert who came to his path through trial and error after several head traumas and being diagnosed with psychosis in 2008. He combined the contemporary psychiatric approach with his own efforts in meditation, yoga, nutrition, eastern medicine, biohacking, qigong, and many forms of fitness, martial arts, and movement modalities to uncover the keys to health and healing in himself. He was a dedicated top student and employee of Lee Holden for years and has been teaching qigong around the world since 2014.

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