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Neigong: Martial Qigong for Internal Power (Streaming)

by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Develop your internal energy (Qi) with Master Yang by training Neigong, ancient qigong methods for intermediate and advanced qi cultivation.

Code: S2986Duration: 336 min

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Develop Internal Power with Neigong Training

The traditional Chinese art of nei gong is the key to developing more qi (energy) and maximizing your circulation. Nei gong (also spelled neigong) means “internal skill”. By coordinating your movement and breathing, using traditional Daoist and Buddhist techniques, you may experience incredible benefits for your health and martial arts practice, including:

  • Faster recovery and a stronger immune system
  • Deep relaxation and improved meditation
  • Increased stamina and long-lasting energy
  • Ability to hit with more force
  • Improved rooting and balance
  • Refined mind-body awareness and coordination
  • Enhanced ability to store and release qi
  • Increased vitality and longevity

Neigong techniques are ancient qigong methods related to intermediate and advanced qi cultivation for spiritual pursuits as well. Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches comprehensive theory so you may understand how nei gong can be trained correctly to gradually develop substantial internal power. Then you will begin your own practice with a follow-along series nei gong techniques.

SPECIAL FEATURES: English narration with English subtitles • Five hours and 40 minutes of content.

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