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Qigong for Empaths and Healers (Streaming)

by Nick Loffree

Practice Qigong for Protection and Resilience in under 20 minutes, and reset and energize your mind, body and spirit with Qigong Master Nick Loffree. This routine works on the "Heart Protector" or Pericardium Meridian to relieve anxiety and generate protection from negative energy, especially for sensitive people.

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Practice Qigong for Protection and Resilience

In under 20 minutes, you can reset and energize your mind, body and spirit. Qigong Master Nick Loffree guides you through this routine which works on the "Heart Protector" or Pericardium Meridian to relieve anxiety and generate protection from negative energy. For sensitive people, it can be hard to tell the difference between feeling negative energy from others, and our own social anxiety. Lucky for us, Qigong has the same cure for both! This quick recharge is great for healers, therapists, and empathetic people to stay grounded and centered in our interactions with others.

Whether you're a nurse, massage therapist, or someone who always goes above and beyond for others, the stress takes its toll. If you're dealing with negativity at work, at home, or on the nightly news, or you just feel overwhelmed by "bad vibes", this short but powerful protective qigong routine is designed for you. Self-care is often lacking for those who are constant helpers. Give yourself a gift of peaceful relaxation, so you may be more helpful to others.

You will feel better with

  • Simple relaxing and empowering breathwork

  • Sound healing techniques and movements

  • Stress-relieving exercises and acupoints

Healers and empaths may be highly compassionate and giving to others, but often overlook their own needs. Highly sensitive persons (HSPs) are individuals who possess a heightened level of sensitivity and responsiveness to various stimuli in their environment. Coined by psychologist Elaine Aron in 1991, the concept of high sensitivity reflects a personality trait characterized by a deep and nuanced processing of sensory information. HSPs tend to be more attuned to subtleties, such as sounds, sights, and emotions, often experiencing these stimuli with greater intensity than the average person. This heightened sensitivity can be both a strength and a challenge, as it may contribute to a rich inner life, increased empathy, and creativity, but also make HSPs more susceptible to stress and overwhelm. Embracing and understanding your sensitivity is crucial for HSPs to navigate the world in a way that fosters self-care and well-being, allowing you to leverage their unique qualities for personal growth and fulfillment.

Healer burnout is a pervasive phenomenon within the healthcare profession, affecting a broad spectrum of medical practitioners and other caregivers. It stems from the chronic stress and emotional exhaustion experienced by individuals dedicated to the well-being of others. The demanding nature and energetic output of helping others, and the emotional weight of dealing with illness and suffering, contributes to burnout. Healers often find themselves grappling with the challenges of balancing empathy and detachment, as well as managing their own energy reserves.

It is recommended to practice outdoors with bare feet on the ground once you've learned from this video lesson, if you have access to a safe natural setting in fair weather. Rejuvenate yourself with this quick and powerful routine, immersed in nature and surrounded by wildflowers, and enjoy "Qigong for Empaths and Healers", made special for you.

Nick Loffree is a Bioenergetic Health expert who came to his path through trial and error after several head traumas and being diagnosed with psychosis in 2008. He combined the contemporary psychiatric approach with his own efforts in meditation, yoga, nutrition, eastern medicine, biohacking, qigong, and many forms of fitness, martial arts, and movement modalities to uncover the keys to health and healing in himself. He was a dedicated top student and employee of Lee Holden for years and has been teaching qigong around the world since 2014.

Visit: Nick Loffree Qigong Teacher Training, Spring/Summer 2024. Become a certified Qigong Teacher!

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