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Qigong Grand Circulation Qigong MASTER YANG LIVE (Streaming)

by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Grand Circulation Qigong is the pinnacle of internal arts practice, combining practical techniques from Muscle / Tendon Changing and Brain / Marrow Washing to radically improve your health and longevity. Five hours.

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Recently, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming taught live qìgōng classes for a small group of private students. This video presents his latest teaching about “Grand Circulation Qìgōng” to the wider public for the first time. This series is the closest most people will get to meeting Master Yang in person.

Qìgōng master Yang, Jwing-Ming delves deeply into his qìgōng theory after a lifetime of research and practice. Grand Circulation Qìgōng is the pinnacle of internal arts practice, leading you through intermediate and advanced stages of training.

Filled with personal anecdotes, funny stories, and fascinating insights, this five-hour video lesson is a treasure trove of invaluable information gathered from his personal practice and traditional qìgōng documents, filtered through through the lens of the latest science. This qìgōng method combines practical techniques from Muscle / Tendon Changing 易筋經大周天 and Brain / Marrow Washing 洗髓經大周天 that you may practice to radically improve your health and longevity.

Expanding beyond traditional qìgōng exercises into exploration of the Spirit (Yin energy body), Master Yang explains key points for our spiritual evolution with lessons from ancient Daoist and Buddhist sources. He leads a lively philosophical discussion about reopening the third eye, "washing" the brain, and reaching higher stages of human potential.

He then demonstrates a follow-along sitting practice of qìgōng techniques, including

  • Qìgōng Breathing to Boost the Immune System

  • Grand Circulation for Power and Endurance

  • Baihui (crown chakra) Breathing for Enlightenment

He answers common questions from students to clarify and illuminate this detailed teaching. As always, Master Yang enthusiastically shares his complete knowledge and provides a map for the path.



Human Qì Polarity

Limbic System / Opening the Third Eye

Second Brain (Gut / Enteric Nervous System)

Lower Dāntián (Elixir Field) 丹田

Eight Qì Vessels (Reservoirs of Energy)

Brain Structure and Enlightenment

Three Main Qì Circulation Paths (Fire, Water, Wind)

Q & A: Third Eye / Dāntián Conditioning

Qìgōng Theory Review

Abdominal Breathing and Massage

Finding the Center / Upper Dāntián

Scholar Fire (Ha Sound)/ Reverse Abdominal Breathing

Three Qì Pumps and Two Chambers


Reverse Abdominal Breathing Practice

Muscle/Tendon Change Grand Circulation 易筋經大周天

Girdle (Belt) Vessel Breathing – Enhance Immune System 帶脈息-增強免疫力

Turtle Shell Breathing – Iron Shirt 龜殼息-鐵布衫

Martial Grand Circulation – Power and Endurance 武學大周天-勁力、耐力

Marrow/Brain Washing Grand Circulation 洗髓經大周天

Water Path / Heaven & Ground Gates Grand Circulation 天門/地戶大周天

About Buddhahood Grand Circulation (Spiritual Immortality) 成佛大周天(成仙)

It is highly recommended for serious practitioners interested in this topic to also study the book "Qigong Grand Circulation for Spiritual Enlightenment".

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