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SUMMER Five Elements Qigong (Streaming)

by Nick Loffree

Healthy Heart Qigong for Anxiety and Silk Reeling for Chronic Pain with Master Nick Loffree.

Code: S3020Duration: 28 min

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Qigong Master Nick Loffree guides you through a follow along routine of Calming Qigong for Summer opening the joints to their full potential using White Crane Soft Qigong. In Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), the theory of the five elements plays a crucial role in understanding the dynamic interplay of energies within the body. Each element—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—is associated with specific organs, seasons, emotions, and energetic qualities. Qigong, a practice deeply rooted in Chinese culture, emphasizes the harmonization of these elemental forces for optimal health and well-being. The Fire element naturally has a profound connection to the season of Summer, representing expansion, growth, and the peak of yang energy.

In TCM, the Fire element corresponds to the heart and small intestine meridians, influencing not only physical functions but also emotional well-being. Qigong practices designed for the Summer season often focus on cultivating and balancing the Fire element within the body. Movements and exercises may be designed to stimulate the heart meridian, enhance circulation, and promote a sense of joy and connection. Additionally, practitioners may engage in specific breathing techniques that align with the qualities of the Fire element, fostering a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body and promoting emotional balance during the Summer season.

Through this mindful qigong practice, you may attune yourself to the energetic rhythms of nature and promote vitality and balance within the Fire element. Remember to use cool, calm breathing and "use the lungs' metal to cool the heart's fire".

This Five Elements series is composed of five parts, in five individual video lessons based on the annual seasons (sold separately), including:

Healing Qigong for Spring / Qigong for Liver Meridian, Stress, Anger, Digestion and Back Pain Relief / Wood Element (31 min)

Calming Qigong for Summer / Healthy Heart Qigong for Anxiety and Silk Reeling for Chronic Pain / Fire Element (30 min)

Centering Qigong for Late Summer / Digestion, Worry, Stomach, & Spleen Relief / Earth Element (19 min)

Nourishing Qigong for Autumn / Healthy Lungs and Immune System / Metal Element (29 min)

Energizing Qigong for Winter / Lower Dan Tian, Kidney Qi, and Vitality with Zhan Zhuang / Water Element (23 min)

Filmed along the beautiful Payette River in Idaho.

Nick Loffree is a Bioenergetic Health expert who came to his path through trial and error after several head traumas and being diagnosed with psychosis in 2008. He combined the contemporary psychiatric approach with his own efforts in meditation, yoga, nutrition, eastern medicine, biohacking, qigong, and many forms of fitness, martial arts, and movement modalities to uncover the keys to health and healing in himself. He was a dedicated top student and employee of Lee Holden for years and has been teaching qigong around the world since 2014.

Visit: Nick Loffree Qigong Teacher Training, Spring/Summer 2024. Become a certified Qigong Teacher!

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