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Tai Chi Martial Applications (Streaming)

by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Discover the Martial Art of Tai Chi Chuan, with more than 50 effective applications for any Tai Chi style.

Code: S1057Duration: 198 min

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Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) is an ancient internal Chinese martial art which has gained widespread popularity for its many health benefits. Today, most people practice taiji slowly to develop their balance, strength, and vitality, and the martial applications of the art are often ignored. Taijiquan, or 'Grand Ultimate Fist', is a highly effective form of combat specializing in short and middle-range fighting.

This program offers practical martial applications for each of the 37-postures of traditional Yang-style Taiji, based on the Taiji martial theory passed down by Yang, Ban-Hou (in the Family Classics). Once the viewer has a basic understanding of these universal principles, you may use them to devise further applications for every movement no matter which style of Taiji you practice.

• Learn the Basic Concepts of Taiji and Taijiquan.
• Understand the purpose of every Taiji movement.
• Over 50 effective applications for any Taijiquan style.
• 21 video lessons / 198 minutes / 3 hours 18 minutes

Features senior YMAA students Pedro Rodrigues, Tony Chee, and Kathy Yang. Dr. Yang's tai chi can be traced back to the Yang family through Grandmaster Kao, Tao (高濤) and his teacher Yue, Huanzhi (樂奐之), an indoor disciple of Yang, Chengfu (楊澄甫). Dr. Yang's form is sometimes known as the "Old Style Yang" form.

I. Basic Concepts (Ji Ben Gai Nian, 基本概念)
1. Yin and Yang Practices

2. Thirteen Postures (Shi San Shi, 十三勢)
8 basic Jin (Ba Men, 八門)
5 strategic stepping (Wu Bu, 五步)

3. Taiji Jins - Soft Jin (太極勁–軟勁)

4. Sense of Enemy / Fighting Distance
Short Range (Duan Ju, 短距)
Middle Range (Zhong Ju, 中距)
Long Range (Chang Ju, 長距)

5. Special Terms
Central Door (Zhong Men, 中門)
Empty Door (Kong Men, 空門)
Sky Window (Tian Chuang, 天窗)
Ground Window (Di Hu, 地戶)

6. Four Categories of Fighting Techniques

Shuai Jiao (摔跤) and Chin Na (擒拿)
Soft, Hard, and Soft-Hard Jin
Dian Xue (點穴)(Cavity Press)
Jin and Jing
About Martial Applications
Yang, Ban-Hou

II. Taijiquan form demonstration

III. Taijiquan Martial Applications - Part One
(Taijiquan Zhi Wuxue Ying Yong - Di Yi Duan,

IV. Taijiquan Martial Applications - Part Two
(Taijiquan Zhi Wuxue Ying Yong - Di Er Duan,

V. Taijiquan Martial Applications - Part Three
(Taijiquan Zhi Wuxue Ying Yong - Di San Duan,

VI. Taijiquan form demonstration

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