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FAQ How to Watch Your Streaming Videos

Streaming videos require a constant internet connection. Watch your streaming videos by logging into your YMAA account and select the title, and your video will automatically play.

Watch the Video Immediately

You can watch your streaming videos immediately after you complete your order. The video will be displayed at the order confirmation page.

Also, all your purchased videos will be available for watching on your account at anytime you want, and anywhere. Just login into your account using your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Watch Streaming Videos on Your Computer, Tablet, or Mobile (our Video Player)

To watch the streaming videos on your desktop, or laptop, computer the minimum requirements indicated below. Or you can just visit our streaming videos page to watch some video trailers. If you can watch the trailers, then everything is working fine and all requirements are fulfilled.

Desktop/Laptop Computers: Requires Chrome 65+, Edge 16+, Firefox 60+, Internet Explorer 11+, or Safari 10+ or newer.

Mobile Devices and Tablets: Requires Android 4.4+ or iOS 11+ or newer. Chrome 63+ or Safari 10+ or newer.

Your video player on the "My Videos" page has the usual control buttons: play, stop, rewind 10 seconds (so a section can be reviewed quickly, especially useful to learn forms), volume, video quality, and video speed (which can be helpful to see details, for example, quick form movements like fa jing). The video player plays videos in true streaming fashion with very low latency (no need to wait for videos to load), and can adapt to changes in your connection speed, without stopping the video or delaying. When the connection speed is improved and becomes faster, the quality of the video is also enhanced transparently and immediately without any user action.

Watch Streaming Videos on Your TV (using Chromecast or Airplay)

This video player automatically detects when it is possible to cast the video to a Google Cast enabled TV or to an Air Play enabled TV—in the highest quality possible with the current connection.

To send the video from your computer, tablet, or mobile to your TV, you will need to have Chromecast or Airplay connected to your TV, powered on and on the same wi-fi network.

To watch the videos on your TV using Chromecast find and click on the button . To watch through your Apple TV via Airplay find and click on the button .

Casting compatibility

This table shows the browser-platform combinations that support AirPlay and Chromecast functionality.

AirPlay Safari iOS, macOS
Chromecast *Chrome Android, macOS, Windows (desktop)

Closed Captions / Narration

Closed captions, subtitles, and alternate language narration are features that may be rolled out over time as we expand the YMAA streaming video department, based on demand.

Questions / Returns

Your streaming video is returnable if you are not satisfied. Please email [email protected] with questions, feedback, or let us know the next streaming video titles you’d like to see.


Downloading videos is not currently possible due to security concerns to prevent bootleg videos, akin to DVD copyright protection. This feature may be added over time, based on demand.

YMAA Streaming Videos

To see a full list of available streaming videos by YMAA visit our Streaming Video page .

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