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Yin Yang Sai

The sai is mainly used defensively for trapping and blocking. Legend has it that it was originally used as a hairpin, and later derived into a dagger like very short armament. Designed for very close fighting, the sai does have some offensive stabbing and striking techniques. This is a Southern style sai.


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The Yin Yang Sai are related to Shaolin White Crane kung fu, with one horn pointed up for trapping and striking, and one horn pointed down for neutralizing.

We have carefully selected this sai because it is well built, has good balance, and is affordably priced. This sai is ideal for kung fu training.

  • The handle is solid, and has a good grip
  • The sai is made of chrome stainless steel with an octagonal handle
  • Overall length is 19.5" inches
  • Sold as a pair

We rate this sai as a good choice for every day training. Get one today and enjoy years of use.

Sai care TIPS

  • When you show your sai to someone who knows nothing about it, be sure to tell the person what to do before handing it to them. This will protect your sai and will prevent injury.
  • Never lay your sai on the ground. It may absorb moisture (bad), and somebody may step on it (really bad).
  • Never touch the metal with your bare hand. The sweat can accelerate corrosion.
  • Always keep the sai sheathed when not in use.
  • After use, apply a light coat of metal grease or oil to the sai.