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Bagua for Beginners: Eight Palms (Streaming)

by Chenhan Yang

Learn Baguazhang Step by Step with Master Chenhan. Like tai chi, bagua has been known for centuries as a powerful way to transform your health, improve your strength, and raise your spirit. As an internal martial art, bagua is unique because it emphasizes circular movement, allowing practitioners to flow out of the way of objects and opponents. Bagua’s unique stepping methods result in distinctively evasive circular footwork, used for both defensive and offensive strategies.

Code: S6700Duration: 75 min

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Bagua zhang translates to “eight trigrams palm”. The Eight Palms movements and sequence comprise the fundamental training for all bagua students.

This invigorating training increases your circulation of qi (energy) that will energize your muscles for increased strength. This energy also nourishes your internal organs and improves your longevity, vitality, and overall fitness.

Master Chenhan guides you through:

  • Basic bagua leg stances and circle- walking
  • Eight Palms hand forms
  • Eight Palms sequence

This bagua lesson compliments the book "Baguazhang," by Master Liang, Shou-Yu,  Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming,  and Mr. Wu, Wen-Ching. Bagua for Beginners DVD 2 (sold separately) takes the next step in your bagua training with the fascinating bagua Swimming Body movements and sequence (sold separately).

Eight Palms Sequence (64 movements)

  1. Single Changing Palm 單換掌
  2. Double Changing Palm 雙換掌
  3. Following Through Palm 順勢掌
  4. Reversing Body Palm 背身掌
  5. Turning Body Palm 轉身掌
  6. Double Embracing Palm 雙抱掌
  7. Grinding Body Palm 磨身掌
  8. Rotating Body Palm 翻身掌

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